Eugene Roach
Production Stage Manager
Technical Director
  Welcome, and thanks for visiting!

  If you are looking for a Production Stage Manager, Stage Manager, or Technical Director for an upcoming Theatrical Production...

You've found me!

This site has my Resume and a partial List of Credits for you to review and print. If, after reviewing this information , you believe that I am perfect for your needs, you can't possibly work without me and you want to immediately offer me a job, PLEASE CONTACT ME. If not, please go back and read the Resume and List of Credits . You must have missed something.

All the necessary contact information is on the resume. Please call, write, or if it is easier, send me an E-Mail . I will contact you right away.

If the search that brought you here was just for information, send me an E-Mail . I love interesting discussions about Theatre.

If your search was for anything else related to theatre, visit the members of my "Web Rings" by clicking on the bars below. You can find anything you need on these fine sites.

I added Page 2 just for fun. On the practical side, there are some links to great programs, most of them free, that have made my jobs as a Stage Manager and Technical Director much easier. On the less practical side, I also have added jokes, pictures, and even ads that I find interesting or amusing. It's not particularly well organized, but I use and enjoy everything on the page. It's just my way of sharing and having fun. I hope you find something you like. I try to add new things as I find them. Stop back occasionally and see whats new and if you know of any great "toys" I've missed, let me know.

If you just got here by accident, and found it interesting, please send me an E-Mail ........ ,
just for fun!


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