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I read about this multimedia program and went and took a look. This program, IrfanView, is amazing. It is free and with all of the plug-ins, available at the same site, it will handle file types I've never even heard of. Imagine a program that will run your slide show, edit pictures and graphics, as well as handle and convert files of a bunch of different types. Now, when it's done with that, it will play your MP 3 s and videos. Check it out! The place to visit is

Irfan Skiljan's Web Site

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Serif PhotoPlus

Now that we have the technical abilities of IrfanView, the only thing we lack is the ability to artistically enhance our digital pictures. {Things like "airbrushing" and maybe even taking one guys head and slapping in on another body, know, ,,,artisitic stuff!)
I read about this software company that was giving away their programs. One of them was supposed to be just what I needed, and it was. The program called PhotoPlus and it is great. Better yet, Serif gives away older versions of their software for free. By any standard, this is a good program, for freeware, it is great. There are also several other free programs to check out on the same page.
The place to visit is:

Serif's Free Software Page

PhotoPlus Screenshot