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My Eclectic Collection of Stuff

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I'm honestly glad you stopped here. I'll try to share some interesting stuff. I should warn you..... there is no organization to this page. I just find something I like and I slap it up here.
8/20/02 - That was my original thought, however, the page got to be a mile long and took forever to load so now I slap up links on this page.

Here's What's On This Page

First - Just for Fun
For 9/11
CoffeeCup Banners
Some (questionable) Jokes

Do You Want to Build Your Own Website?
Great Tutorials for HTML
Where to Host Your Website
Need an HTML Editor?
What To Do With Digital Pictures?
Just Showing Off - Another Website I Built

"Stop Fooling Around With That Website and Get Back to Work!"
Okay, ...Okay, ...Here is Some Great Stuff for Stage Managers.
"eProduction" - A Great Site for Stage Managers
Some Outstanding Audio Editing Software

I put those up years ago but I still like it so ... I have now decided it is there to honor the Anniversary of 9/11

For 9/11

This is a personal favorite.

Click Here

I found out about these guys from an add for a free picture viewing program. I downloaded it and loved it. It is small, simple, and works well. It is called "CoffeeCup Free Image Viewer Plus". They also have a small, free, html editing program called "CoffeeCup FREE HTML 6.0". They have a lot of other stuff related to web page publishing as well, though not free. Also.... I really loved their "Banner".

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Some (questionable) Jokes!

What do you get if you cross an Agnostic,
a Dyslexic, and an Insomniac?

For the answer to this and more, possibly even dumber jokes..... Click Here
Same deal, if you have one to share Send It to Me

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I Want a Website

I desperately needed a great group of free tutorials when I was first beginning this website. I didn't know anything about HTML except that my email came like that, sometimes.
If you are a Stage Manager who wants to have a website, but doesn't know how, this is a great place to start.
Click Here for links to W3Schools tutorials.

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Where to Host

The banner below is a link to the company that I use to host this website. I looked for a long time while keeping my free site at I heard of this company through an ad in an internet trade magazine. After looking everything over, I decided that this was the best hosting package for me and signed up. So far, I have not regretted it for a second. They provide everything you need, ... and it all works, ... and at a very reasonable price. Yes, this banner is connected to their affiliates program so I get paid if you sign up, but I wouldn't recommend them nor use them myself, if I didn't think they were the best. So, if you decide to use these folks, please use my link when to go to sign up.

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Now I Want an Editor for HTML

Spider Img So, now that you know where this great W3Schools tutorial can be found,
all you need is a free HTML Editor.
"Why," you say, "Should I go to all the trouble to learn HTML when Front Page, or Coffee Cup, or a hundred other programs will write it for me?"
A very clever man once wrote it was so you could make changes when those programs wouldn't give you exactly what you wanted. Since starting this web page I have quit using anything except this great little program called Arachnophilia by Paul Lutus. It helps you when you need it and stays out of your way when you don't. It helps you correct your HTML code and you can even check, with a mouse click, how your page looks on different browsers. (Did you know that your "perfect" Web Page in Internet Explorer may be completely unrecognizable in Netscape?) Here is the link to get more information and download the program. Go get it! You won't be sorry!
Arachnophilia Home Page

If you just need something simple because you simply cannot take the time to learn HTML, you will need a WYSIWYG Editor. (That stands for "what you see is what you get").
If you use Internet Exporer or any IE based browser here is a simple
you can play with. If you are using a Netscape based browser (sorry Firefox lovers), this little script will not work at all. See what I mean about the difference in browsers?

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My Webpage Needs Pictures

I had no idea there was so much to putting pictures on a website.
You have to be concerned with dimensions, number of colors, file format, file size and more.
Click Here for two great, free solutions. They are called IrfanView and Serif PhotoPlus .

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Once you have a website pretty much done you will begin to want stuff on it like forms, hit counters, passwords, guestbooks, message forums, embedded music files , and the list goes on! Most of this kind of stuff is accomplished with special "Scripts" that are programs that make this stuff happen. With most free and even some "low priced" web hosts, even if you have them, you will not even be able to run these scripts. They can present a security problem so it is easier to say no. The solution to all for these problems is at an incredible site called Bravenet. They are set up to provide all of these services (and dozens more) for your website, using "scripts" on their server. Most importantly, they provide these services free . If you want complex support like a large business site might need, Bravenet also has those services to buy. Before setting up this new site, I used a number of these services and they work perfectly, are very easy to use, and (let me say it one more time) free .

Anyway, use the banner below to visit these guys and sign up for the services you want. As a member, they will subject you to a periodic newsletter with advertising, but even these have great little coding tricks and stuff that I really look forward to getting. (Yes, I confess, I would love you to use this banner as part of their Affiliates program so I may get paid a little if you sign up for services, but remember, I had a link to these guys on my other sites before they had an Affiliates program.)

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Crow Chapter Logo If you want to see a more serious website that I am working on, click on the logo and you can see the Boy Scout Website I do for my son.

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I just found a very cool tool for Stage Managers everywhere. Wouldn't it be great to have a webpage just for information about your show. Everyone in the company could go there and look for information without calling you every night......
Maybe it could even send your schedule to you as an eMail, just to make things easier......
Maybe you could even find some guy to make the page for you.....
Then all you'd have to do was put in the information and take all the credit for it......
Maybe this same guy would be interested in changing the site to do new things as you think of them......
Well....., Peter is the guy and he has set up a new site just for lazy people like me who want to look good!

Let's figure out how to help him keep this going. It's gonna save all of us a lot of work.

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The Show Needs Sound Effects

"Back in the day" I spent hours in a sound studio with 1/4" reel to reel machines,
a mixing console, a cutting block, razor blade and white tape.
I can now do everything I could there, on my computer, for Free .
Click Here if you need to be able to create and edit sound effects.

Web Ring Img I know, all of the Web Ring banners are on the first page. I wanted to mention the members of all four rings again. If, like me, you have a life-long interest in theatre.... do yourself a favor.
This is a fun collection of folks to visit!

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